Yiming Zhang

I am currently a PhD candidate in the School of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation Research Group) at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, advised by Dr. Ying Weng, Prof. Zhuo Chen, Prof. Tom Dening and Dr. Akram Hossein. Prior to that, I received my Master degree at the University of Melbourne and B.S. Hons degree in the University of Nottingham.

My research interests lie in machine learning, explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), surgical data science, medical image processing and computer-aided diagnosis. Currently, I am working towards on deep-learning based automated surgical skill assessment.

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  • 2023-10: 'A comparative study of GNN and MLP based machine learning for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease involving data synthesis' published at Neural Networks (IF: 7.8).
  • 2023-03: 'A Survey of Secure Time Synchronization' published at Applied Sciences-Basel (IF: 2.838).
  • 2023-02: 'A systematic review of application progress on machine learning-based natural language processing in breast cancer over the past 5 years' published at Diagnostics (IF: 3.992).
  • 2023-01: 'Natural Language Processing Applications for Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Oncology' published at Diagnostics (IF: 3.992).
  • 2022-06: Our team is granted a 2022 Ningbo Major S&T Programm named "Research and Clinical Application of Brain Tumor Multi-modality Explainable Artificial Intelligence System based on Medical Image and Digital Pathology".
  • 2022-03: 'An Intelligent Early Warning System of Analyzing Twitter Data Using Machine Learning on COVID-19 Surveillance in the US' published at Expert Systems with Applications (IF: 8.665, CAS Q1).
  • 2022-01: 'Application of Explainable Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis and Surgery' published at Diagnostics (IF: 3.706, ESI Highly Cited Paper).
  • 2021-03: I presented my research work at the UNNC Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation (AIOP) Research Seminar. [Slides]
  • 2021-02: I attended the digital conference (VISAPP2021) and gave online oral presentation of our work. [Slides]
  • 2021-01: Our team visited the Cixi Institute of Biomedical Engineering, CNITECH, CAS and I presented my recent research work.
  • Academic Service

  • Reviewed for journal : Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Reviewed for journal : Cancers
  • Reviewed for journal : Bioengineering
  • Reviewed for journal : Diagnostics
  • Reviewed for journal : Applied Science
  • Reviewed for journal : Biomedicines
  • Reviewed for journal : Mathematics
  • Reviewed for journal : BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
  • Reviewed for journal : Algorithms
  • Reviewed for journal : AI Perspectives & Advances
  • Selected Publications
    XAI Review (Journal)
    Application of Explainable Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis and Surgery
    Yiming Zhang, Ying Weng*, and Jonathan Lund
    Diagnostics (IF: 3.706, SCI indexded, ESI Highly Cited Paper)

    We summarize the XAI methods utilized in the medical XAI applications, the challenges that the researchers have met, and discuss the future research directions.

    COVID-19_Twitter Research article (Journal)
    An Intelligent Early Warning System of Analyzing Twitter Data Using Machine Learning on COVID-19 Surveillance in the US
    Yiming Zhang, Ke Chen, Ying Weng*, Zhuo Chen, Juntao Zhang, and Richard Hubbard
    Expert Systems with Applications (IF: 8.665, SCI indexded, CAS Q1)

    We propose an intelligent COVID-19 early-warning system using Twitter data with novel machine learning methods.

    Honors and Awards

  • UNNC Doctoral Research Grant (5000 RMB), 2021.
  • UNNC PhD Scholarship Award - Healthcare Scholarship (492450 RMB), 2020.

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